Monday, July 9, 2007

Updating Ubutnu

Yes once again Roblimo beat me to punch and this time he's showing you how to update Ubuntu.

You can download this video here

Installing Software using Synaptic Package Manager

Roblimo once again strikes with a great tutorial. He shows how to use Synaptic to install packages

You can download this video here

Installing Ubuntu

Here are parts 4 and 5 from Roblimo's series

You can download them here and here

Booting the Ubuntu Live CD

Here is the third in the series from Roblimo of it shows what you can expect when booting Ubuntu Live.

You can download this video here

Burning Ubuntu

This is the second part of Roblimo's Video tour on how to get Ubuntu going on your computer, and now Burning Ubuntu ISO to CD.

Download this video here

Let's start from the beginning

Here is the first in a series from Roblimo of I hope these will be helpful, and now without further a due... Downloading Ubuntu.

Download Ubuntu here

Get ISOrecorder here

Download this video here

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ahoy hoy!

Hello there, I'm threethirty member 0 of the Richmond, Indiana Linux Users Group (RLUG) This is THE place for Ubuntu Linux help. Most of the members are Ubuntu Fan boys/girls so there is a potential wealth of knowledge here, so stay tuned...

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